Sustainability at Homary


At Homary, we are doing our best to make sustainability

fit seamlessly alongside production, materials choosing, packaging, and carbon

emissions. For a more sustainable planet, Homary is committed to

being a more sustainable brand.


Durability guarantee for our products

Sustainability is throughout the whole process of production. Homary has been dedicated to providing products of good quality and high durability since 2012, by sharing this core value with the suppliers we cooperate with, adhering to high standards, and refusing jerry-building. It is always our belief to help the customers enjoy the convenience brought by the appropriate products rather than buying as many as they can.

Traceable materials used

We insist on using materials that have less impact on the environment including more traceable wood and more sustainable cotton. As a furniture retailer, we pay much attention to making sure that the wood we used is coming from forests responsibly managed. Why? To prevent encouraging deforestation. How? By making it traceable at the forest level, cooperating with well-managed routes/origins, and using recyclable wood as much as we can.