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1400mm Modern White L-Shaped Desk Corner Rotating Computer Desk with Cabinet

4.9 43 Reviews

Because of its excellent L-shaped form, including drawers and shelves, an L-shaped desk table is the finest choice for a small workplace or study. It will help you keep your workspace or study organized and stores everything you need. Office desks distinguish themselves from ordinary tables in your home or office due to their high level of utility and luxury design. An office is responsible for various tasks; this office desk with a file cabinet is versatile. However, it may also be made out of drawers, doors, and compartments to house vital documents or equipment. If you use this L-shaped computer desk, it will be an excellent focal point in your modern home office. 

- The white and golden contrast finish of this office desk is constructed of MDF, stainless steel, and pine wood to provide long-term stability. 

- In addition to three drawers, it also has two shelves to store your books, pens, and stamps, as well as papers and other items you may need to keep track of. 

- In contrast, the smooth top provides room for your computer and lighting to be installed. It is versatile and may be utilized in a variety of settings. 

- This rotating writing office desk is available in white and gold or black and gold to furnish an office, study room, library, hallway, work station, or reception desk.

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